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My MMU interview

-->I went for an interview yesterday at the Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya. It was for the assistant manager post at the research & development division (R&D). In order to make this story interesting, let me begin the story 2 days before the actual interview. Here we go… It all began when I was doing my “thing” at the office when suddenly a colleague of mine drop by the office and said that I should try applying for a job vacancy at MMU. Since I had nothing better to do (except for finishing my transcription…sorry boss…still on it) I just sent my resume via email. Bare in mind that I sent my resume for “suka-suka” (fun) I didn’t have any serious intention of going for the interview at that time. The next day I received a call from a representative from MMU asking me if I was willing to attend the interview session for the assistant manager post tomorrow. Since I had nothing better to do (hehe) I said yes. On the interview day itself I asked a friend of mine who …

Perdana Discourse Series 9

The ninth Perdana Discourse Series (PDS9) was held on the 6th of May 2009 at the Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) in Putrajaya. But for those of you who are in the dark about what PDS is, let me fill in the void with a brief explanation about the program. It is a one-day semi-structured communication platform where a prominent presenter (in this case Tun Mahathir) will speak to selected clusters of audience on a pre-determined topic addressing its definition and tracing issues like policies, strategies and possible models used during the tenure of the past prime ministers. In addition a panellist session will also be conducted to develop the topic.

This is my second time being involved with the PDS and let me just say that the topic of discussion was far from “boring”. The topic was about “the role of the executive, legislative, judiciary and constitutional monarchy in the governing of Malaysia” (I’m not making this up) that’s the topic chosen by Tun M. I’ll admit that my general …