Accidents DO ANYONE !!!

Where do I even begin? Let me begin by asking a simple question. Do you believe that car accidents will never happen to you? Well, if you asked me that question a week ago I would have definitely said no. But something happened to me that changed my view on this matter. I was involved in an accident. The good news is no one was injured. My car on the other hand was not so lucky. Yes…an accident.

Just for the record I’m the victim of the accident and not the cause of it. We can thank a nineteen year old girl driving her mother’s car for the incident. Even though I know it was not her intentions to cause the accident, I must admit I was pretty, very irritated about what had happen to my car. Again just for the record my car is still new. I just got it 3 months ago. Anyway, the incident went like this. It was 1.10pm I was driving my car accompanied by awin to get our convocation scrolls at UiTM Shah Alam.

Because the convocation ceremonies were still on going, the roads inside the campus were congested. In other words, we were literally in a traffic jam. So it was impossible for anyone to get to anywhere fast. Now this is when it gets interesting or for me painful. It happened so fast. All of a sudden a loud crash was heard and felt. I was thrown forward to my steering wheel. Awin was also thrown forward. The impact was so violent. I quickly looked at Awin to see if she was hurt. Luckly she was alright. I looked around and saw people jaws drop because of what happen. Next I turned my intention on the person who hit my car. I got out of the car and looked at what kind of damage the impact had caused.

I was in utter disbelief when I saw a big dent on the back bonnet of the car and the rear bumper was also in bad shape.Let me be honest. At that point all I wanted to do was to kick the living sh*t out of the driver who caused it. But for the record I didn’t (even though I really wanted to). Moving on, I pointed to the driver and told her to pull her car over to a parking lot. At that moment there was so much emotion running inside of me. If I was Bruce Banner I could literally change into the Hulk at that moment.

Anyway when the driver came out of her car my anger only grew. Why you may ask. Well firstly because she was a girl so I couldn't really beat the living sh*t out of her and secondly I realized that she was not the owner of the car. (for the record she was driving an auto transmission) Moving on, it was clearly her fault and I had no time to give her a verbal beating (again I was very tempted but didn’t) so I just went to the basics and ask for her Mykad, driver licencse and contact number. In addition I also told her to contact her parents and inform them of the situation. She was reluctant at first but changed her mine after I gave her a whipping in verbal context.

I could see it in her eyes that she really did not want her parents to know but she had no choice. The thing that irritated me the most was her excuse that she had other things to do. In other words she was in a hurry. So I gave her a break and told her to make sure her parents contacted me as soon as possible.Again I can see her fear when I mentioned her parents. After she agreed I let her go. Now the right thing to do in this kind of situation was to make a police report. Which I did.

This story is far from over but I will leave it here for now. The moral of the story....
Well, I'll leave that for you to decide...


  1. hurmm...benda dah jd..klu kite org len..adakah derang mcm kite??? sabo je la..syukur la korang bdua ok.. al-hamdulillah

  2. What a terrified day for you and Awin. Btw, is it your new car? Pity you. So, how’s d progress? Do they call and asked to pay ur bill? Hey! Don’t be too serious. In fact, I know Car is like “a guy NO ONE wife”…well..that’s true!

  3. wey..letak ar gmbo sket..nk nengok keta ang tuh..

    =D niway, sabo yer, setiap yg berlaku ader positip, okay?

  4. Sori...gmbr tu korup plak..x dpt nk tunjuk impact sbnar accident tu...Nway thanks for everyones comment

  5. tu ar lain kali rerajin bwk aku kuar g lunch...ahaha xde kena mengena....

  6. zahid, Lan nih.

    Awek tuh comel tak? hahaha


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