I just realise that having a blog is a huge responsibility. Why you may ask. Well for starters, anything you post will be read by people you may or may not know. And the things we say may offend some of them. That is why we must identify our target audience and think carefully before posting anything.

Or you can say it is our right of free speech to say what we want.
Food for thought...Anyway, this is just me talking to myself.

In addition I have decided that I will try to be a reasonable and cautious blogger. Maybe many of you will think that my blog is boring or to serious. Well thats your opinion. I cannot change that.

In the weeks to come I hope I can find something interesting to talk about and give my views on the matter.


  1. gud luck mr tiger!!! can't wait ...

  2. Biscuit tiger always great. Don't worry, you may have an interesting blog..... I hope!!!! BE A GOOD BLOGGER @-;-


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