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Perdana Discourse Series 8

Yesterday was a very interesting day for me. This is because the Perdana Leadership Foundation organized the annual Perdana Discourse Series. The topic of the discussion was on “Bangsa Malaysia”. As usual, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad gave his keynote speech on the matter with authority and charm. I must admit that when listening to what he had to say on the matter made me think a lot about the nation’s current situation on racism and unity among our diverse community.

After his long and insightful speech, it was time for the Q&A session. In my mind I had no doubt that Tun could answer any questions from the crowd of people in the auditorium. I forgot to mention that initially the program was setup for 300 guests. But the turn out result was well above 500 guests. This can be seen as a testament to the popularity of Tun. As I expected, Tun answered all of the questions with authority and conviction. So that’s the end of Tun’s role in the Perdana Discourse Series. Next up was the panel session.

Now this is where it gets interesting. The panellists consist of Prof. Dato’ Dr. Shamsul Amri, Dr. KJ John, Dr Chandra Muzaffar and Mr Alvin Goh. All of which are very successful and may I say established people in their respected fields. Listening to them discussing on the issue was indeed a real mind opener. Discussing on a topic that is related to sensitive issues like racism and religion required the panellist to be just and backed up with facts. It was concluded from one of the panellist that talks such as this must be more often and opened to the public. It is time for our community to discuss and work together to build a truly “Bangsa Malaysia”

That’s enough about the series. Now I would like to share my experience with some of the guests at the program. Firstly I met one of the facilitators for the group session. He is a lecturer from UiTM. We had a short discussion on the “Bangsa Malaysia” topic. We both agreed that the majority of Malay students in the local IPTA’s are still not aware of the dangers of being to relax in their studies. In other words, taking things for granted. They need to wake up!!! The world is changing. Malay students must be aware that they are facing difficult times ahead. Competition is growing.

Therefore they must be prepared at a young age. Their mindset must be changed. If not, the Malays will become the minority in their own land. Like Alvin Goh said when he was in the group session, “We must be ready to kick butt”. Meaning we must be willing to work hard and face our competition head on. Survival of the fittest.

-->I also had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Alvin Goh. When he first met me he thought that I was one of the UiTM students. Anyway, we proceeded in having a small conversation. The thing that caught my attention was that of his interest in the PLF library. He said that it would be a shame if the library wasn't visited by more people. He also added that the library has a lot of potential and in the years to come the PLF library will become a valuable resource. The only thing that he was not satisfied with the library was because of its location. But eventually I told him that the library focuses more on online development and not visitor oriented. He agreed.

-->Yes, it was a very insightful day for me at the Perdana Leadership Foundation. But I must also mention that a lot of work and effort was put into making this program a success. Therefore I would like -->congratulate all of the PLF staff on doing a great job. I am honoured and proud to be a part of that team.
Thank you all.


  1. PDS 8 ni mmg besh... paling hangat.. tggl lg 2 lg baki PDS.

  2. lari dari topik sikit..

    wah.. da ada blog.. dasat.. heheh bagus bagus..

    weh lawatilah blog aku....

  3. halu!!!!

    1st time bace blog ko nih..=D

    nice words, easy to understand...

    ko jgn jadik cam bupenk, bahasa jiwa bangse kunun..

    aku bace blog die, ckit pn tak paham..penin2..

    neway, keep up the gud work!!



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