Perdana Discourse Series 9

The ninth Perdana Discourse Series (PDS9) was held on the 6th of May 2009 at the Perdana Leadership Foundation (PLF) in Putrajaya. But for those of you who are in the dark about what PDS is, let me fill in the void with a brief explanation about the program. It is a one-day semi-structured communication platform where a prominent presenter (in this case Tun Mahathir) will speak to selected clusters of audience on a pre-determined topic addressing its definition and tracing issues like policies, strategies and possible models used during the tenure of the past prime ministers. In addition a panellist session will also be conducted to develop the topic.

This is my second time being involved with the PDS and let me just say that the topic of discussion was far from “boring”. The topic was about “the role of the executive, legislative, judiciary and constitutional monarchy in the governing of Malaysia” (I’m not making this up) that’s the topic chosen by Tun M. I’ll admit that my general knowledge regarding to laws and constituencies in Malaysia are quite limited but I tried my best to grasp at what Tun M had to say. In terms of guests at the program, the auditorium was packed (as usual) and the participants were mainly people who have keen interests in the subject of law.
For most parts of the keynote address I found myself lost in the judiciary jargon used by Tun. Anyway, during the Q&A session with Tun it was no surprise that people were more than eager to get their questions to Tun. After its all said and done the result is simple, I have witnessed a community that is passionate about the country and also its people. The right for all Malaysian is a priority and responsibility for all. The world will never be truly justified but at least we can say that we have tried.


  1. zahid...i always lurvvvvvvvvvvvvveee what u wrote..yr language..its..PERFECT!...OMG, i need to learn frm u.. -_-

  2. Tq for the comment...but i'm far from perfect...

  3. yeah, mr zahid..

    i've experience few PDS programs since 2006.
    It was really interesting to see how peoples pay their attention to Tun speech...

    well bro, please update this blog regularly. baru best sket nak follow ok? chow..

  4. hi zahid.... love to read ur blog... sentiasa la update.. suppose ari ni jummat 15hb aku gi PLF untuk dengar president-eflect IFLA bag speech.. tp sbb ada iv xdpt pi.. can u date the story? hehe

  5. Sori la nora...aku ade kt talk IFLA tu tp x beri komen utk IFLA.. hehe


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