My Chelsea FC 2011 - Part 1

Before I begin this post, I would like to congratulate our national football team (Harimau Malaya) for playing some fantastic football against one of the top clubs from the EPL (Chelsea) Although we lost by one goal (thanks to a Didier Drogba free kick) it was still mind blowing to watch how our Harimau Malaya managed to keep the Blues at bay plus creating some really good chances for the Tigers to cause a massive upset.
Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, it is time for me to tell my experience during the Chelsea training session at Bukit Jalil stadium (which was held on the 19th July 2011)
Even though I’m a BIG Chelsea fan at heart (I have the car stickers to prove it!) I didn’t buy any tickets for the real match because of financial setbacks. So how did I acquire those training passes (you might ask)? Well…a colleague of mine from the faculty (which we will refer to as Mikhail) got the free passes for me since he knew that I was such a big fan.
I thought he was pulling my leg when he called up to say that he got two training passes for me. Anyway, Mikhail suggested that I bring along my wife or other friends to the training session. Firstly I knew that my wife wouldn’t want to come because she didn’t want to leave Wildan (my son) at home after office hours. So my second plan was to invite one of my friends to tag along.

I called my friend from UM (just for fun, we will refer to him as Zal) for the free invite. Zal was “excited” when I told him about the free passes. He genuinely was enthusiastic about the thing. Sadly Zal was a bit preoccupied with his “work” . In the end I offered the second training pass back to the man who gave it to me in the first place…Mikhail



  1. Berhabuk dah blog ko ni, aku ingat dh takde updates langsung dah.. keh keh keh

  2. nk bt camner bro...hidup skrg dh x sama cam kt PLF...xde bnda yg mnarik nk blogkn


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